Don’t paint your car. Re – imagine it, transform it, wrap it.
With a wide range of coloured and textured vinyl car wrapping films available, we can take your car and change it into something spectacular!
Change the colour and make an impact with a car body wrap. We can advise on colour changes that would suit your car and the variety of wraps available.

  • Change the colour of your car quickly and cost effectively, with no need for a re-spray .
  • Wrapping is reversible, so if you want to revert back to the way the car was later on, you can!
  • Some car wraps can protect your original paintwork from sun damage and mild abrasions.
  • If you don’t want to commit to an entire car body wrap, we can personalise your car by wrapping the wing mirrors, front grill or roof instead!
  • No job is too small, and sometimes the small changes can have a massive impact to the overall look of your vehicle.
  • Our team of wrappers will provide you with a wrap that looks every bit as good as the original paintwork.